Compensation and asset protection

The IFCA Finance Commission was set up as an international neutral, third-party committee for fair consideration and resolution of complaints in order to facilitate easier and faster resolution than through industry regulators and the legal system. In addition, the Commission also provides additional protection for traders through the Commission's Compensation Fund.

What is the maximum coverage?

The compensation fund covers only compensation up to 200,000 euros per customer.

* The Financial Commission distributes the compensation to the applicant within 15-30 business days after the Commission’s decision to change the member’s status. During this time, the Commission will take all available measures to provide payment to the Participant directly to the applicant and to verify the personal information of the applicant.

** In case of shortage of funds due to the number of unsatisfied cases by the participating dealer, the current balance of funds will be evenly distributed among all applicants.

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How it works?

The compensation fund acts as an insurance policy for the clients of the participants. This fund will be stored in a separate bank account and used only if the participant refuses to adhere to the decision of the Financial Commission.

After the initial consultation of a specialist, you can pay 1% of the amount of the return on the claim (complaint). After that, we will represent your interests in the return of funds / compensation from brokerage companies, insurance funds, offshore zones, as well as bank transfers.

How International Financial Conduct Authority treats your complaint

Usually, International Financial Conduct Authority
is considering complaints in several stages

1st stage

First, it will check if you provide it. If not, IFCA clarifies facts facts. This is a matter of concern for the opinion of the company. In most cases, IFCA sends your letter to a controlled company.

2nd stage

The company reports to International Financial Conduct Authority in detail and explains the reasons for its decision.

3rd stage

If the audit indicates that the company's decision is not undesirable from a supervisory point of view, International Financial Conduct Authority will notify you of this.

4th stage

If it turns out that IFCA should intervene as a supervisory authority, it will continue to deal with the relevant company. However, International Financial Conduct Authority cannot inform you about the outcome of this dispute, as this is a confidentiality obligation.

Make a complaint

Read the terms of a complaint on this page or contact us.

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