The role of WIFCA Supervision

International Financial Conduct Authority is one of the largest financial supervisory authorities in Europe. With more than 2,600 employees, the company adheres to a generally accepted risk-based approach to auditing based on recognized European prudential standards.

As a comprehensive supervision of the banking, insurance and securities sectors, IFCA provides financial stability in the largest financial market in continental Europe. Its center is located in Frankfurt am Main, where the European Central Bank, the SSM Common Supervision Mechanism and the European Insurance Supervisory Authority and the EIOPA pension fund are also located.

We are an independent government body, fully funded by regulated firms, charging them a fee. We are accountable to the Treasury, which is responsible for the UK financial system, and to Parliament.

International Financial Conduct Authority acts in the public interest. Its main goal is to ensure the functioning, stability and integrity of the financial system. Bank customers, insured individuals and investors should be able to trust the financial system.

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Market surveillance and regulation


WIFCA European Control

International Financial Conduct Authority dtltn control over the solvency of banks, insurance companies and financial service providers. In addition, in market surveillance, IFCA must ensure fair and transparent conditions and, moreover, protect the consumer community.

This protection covers all products and financial services that are controlled by International Financial Conduct Authority.
Its role also includes preventing the abuse of financial policies for money laundering and terrorist financing. For example, IFCA гарантирует, что контролируемые им компании соблюдают применимые положения о предотвращении отмывания денег и финансирования терроризма.

International Financial Conduct Authority is working in many European bodies to create a single European financial market. In addition, it helps to shape global standards of oversight in international committees.

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Our team

2,602 International Financial Conduct Authority employees work in Bonn and Frankfurt am Main. They control about 1,630 banks, 720 financial and 40 payments and e-Geldinstitute and about 90 German branches of foreign banks in the European Economic Area, about 540 insurers and 30 pension funds, as well as 400 capital management companies and more than 6,300 domestic funds.

How World International Financial Conduct Authority treats your complaint

Usually, International Financial Conduct Authority
is considering complaints in several stages

1st stage

First, it will check if you provide it. If not, IFCA clarifies facts facts. This is a matter of concern for the opinion of the company. In most cases, IFCA sends your letter to a controlled company.

2nd stage

The company reports to International Financial Conduct Authority in detail and explains the reasons for its decision.

3rd stage

If the audit indicates that the company's decision is not undesirable from a supervisory point of view, International Financial Conduct Authority will notify you of this.

4th stage

If it turns out that IFCA should intervene as a supervisory authority, it will continue to deal with the relevant company. However, International Financial Conduct Authority cannot inform you about the outcome of this dispute, as this is a confidentiality obligation.

Make a complaint

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